Better Together.

Sublime enables security teams and researchers to contribute rules, publicly or privately, to detect phishing attacks, threat hunt, and auto-triage user reported messages.

Community-contributed detection rules

Detection rules contributed to the public Sublime Rules Feed are available to all users. Submissions are vetted by the Sublime team.

I love sharing rules to give back to the community. I think the safer we all are, the harder it is for the bad guys, and that’s alright by me.”

Alfie Champion
Adversary Emulation Manager
FTSE 250 financial institution
Company name hidden due to contractural agreements.

Share publicly, privately, or peer-to-peer

Sublime Feeds are Git-backed, and subscriptions are kept automatically up to date.


Write and run custom rules. You control if, when, and how they’re shared.


Submit your rules to the public Sublime Rules Feed or share privately with anyone.


Your rules will block phishing attacks for Sublime users around the world.

You’re in good company

Detection rules have been contributed both publicly and privately by Global 2000 security teams and independent researchers.

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