Security at Sublime

Our users place a high level of trust in Sublime and the products we make to manage some of their most sensitive data: email.

Deploy in minutes.

Sublime integrates in minutes via Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace APIs and does not require mail routing or MX changes.

“Sublime was easy to implement and has the security and compliance features that a public company at our scale simply has to have. We deployed Sublime in about an hour with no mailflow disruption and started blocking phish same-day.”

Bob W.
Eng Manager, Detection & Response
G2000 technology company
Company name hidden due to contractural agreements.

Your deployment.
Your Data.


Runs in your VPC. We provide updates, but can never access your data.

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Runs in your VPC. Infrastructure is monitored by the Sublime team.

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Fully managed

Runs in our VPC.  Operated by Sublime like traditional SaaS.

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Get Started. Today.

Deploy and integrate a free Sublime instance in minutes.

Managed Instance

Create account in minutes

For organizations of any size. First 100 mailboxes free.

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Deploy and self host

Docker for smaller orgs

Limited to 600 active mailboxes. View Docker Guide.

Copied to clipboard
curl -sL | sh
Eml analyzer

Rapid phishing investigation.

No setup or integration required.

Open EML Analyzer
Deploy and self host

AWS Cloud for enterprise

Scales to any number of mailboxes. View AWS Quickstart

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Learn how Sublime verifiably closes email attack surface.

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