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"Sublime gives us the benefit of community curated rules to stop phishing threats and the precision to craft our own.”

Stay ahead of attacker adaptation

Benefit from the collective knowledge of security teams around the world by subscribing to Rule Feeds managed by your peers.

Counter emerging attacks quickly by customizing and enforcing your own detection rules. No vendor bottlenecks.

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“Sublime’s enabled us to close gaps we discover during our red and purple team engagements, adapt to the latest Qakbot techniques, and share and receive detection rules from the broader community to stay one step ahead.”

Empower users to protect the organization

Automatically mitigate entire phishing campaigns from a single user report or when arbitrary conditions are met using Triage Rules.

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“Sublime’s phishing herd immunity empowers every one of our end users to help secure the organization when attacks get through.”

Fast, simple phishing investigations

All the information you need at your fingertips to make quick, accurate decisions. Backed by a full REST API and Webhooks for integration with SOARs and SIEMs.

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“Sublime is fully integrated into our SOAR, enabling complex workflows to enrich, investigate, and remediate. Frankly it was one of the easiest SOAR integrations we’ve worked on.”

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