Integrate with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, personal mail, and more

Deploy in minutes.

Sublime integrates in minutes via Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace APIs and does not require mail routing or MX changes.

“Sublime was easy to implement and has the security and compliance features that a public company at our scale simply has to have. We deployed Sublime in about an hour with no mailflow disruption and started blocking phish same-day.”

Bob W.
Eng Manager, Detection & Response
G2000 technology company
Company name hidden due to contractural agreements.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Deploy globally in minutes

No MX changes

Sublime ingests mail via Google and Microsoft APIs within minutes.

Default passive

Run Sublime in alert-only mode, or auto-remediate everything.

Progressive rollout

Only activate the mailboxes you specify. Roll out globally easily.

Hunt instantly

Ingest historical data and automatically hunt for latent threats.

Enhance or replace

Run Sublime as your primary email security tool, or supplement your existing SEG.

Export or import

Ingest data into other systems like your SOAR or SIEM.

For single mailboxes

Test Sublime or secure your personal inbox


Run Sublime on a single mailbox using IMAP  View Docs


Use Sublime to protect your Gmail or other personal/work email account.

For custom integrations and researchers


Ingest mail into any Sublime deployment via API → View Docs

EML Analyzer

Analyze EMLs using the public Analysis API and the Sublime CLI → View Docs