Notting Hill, London, England | 7 June 2024 at 0900-1600 BST

Email-based attacks are constantly evolving. Historically, black-box vendor solutions have only offered limited scope and tooling to swiftly respond to emerging threats.

Gain hands-on detection engineering experience in a lab environment led by the Sublime team. In this workshop, you will:

- get insights into the latest techniques used to deliver malware strains like IcedID and Emotet
- hunt through email data to identify malicious activity and develop rules to detect and block attacks
- leave with a strong understanding of tools and techniques to defend your organization from email threats
- create rules using free and open detection engines, like Sublime and YARA, while dissecting faithfully reproduced malware in's payload collection

We'll cover common phishing techniques including:
- QR Code phishing
- Callback phishing
- Credential phishing
- VIP Impersonations
- HTML smuggling via links/attachments
- OneNote / LNK file, IcedID, and Emotet malware strains

Other details:
Address: OVO Energy, Notting Hill, London, UK
What to bring: a laptop and charger
Breakfast & lunch: provided

Space is limited — RSVP now!

Workshop: Email Detection Engineering + Threat Hunting

Hosted by:

Josh Kamdjou
Josh Kamdjou
Founder & CEO
Sublime Security

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